Saturday, February 28, 2015

How do you clean your ears? Japanese uses a bit strange tool.

The condition of the inside the Japanese eras are bit different from other people’s.
Most of the people’s ears are a little bit wet but Japanese ears are dried.

People usually clean their ears after taking shower since the inside of the ears are wet and it is easy to clean. When you clean your ears, of course you use Q-tips.
In Japan, people do the same but there is other way to clean the ears.
We use earpick for cleaning and Japanese lover them except kids.

Because the inside of the ears are dry, it is easy to pull the earwax out and it feel very nice. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Have you gone to Disney Resort in Japan?

In Japan there two Disney parks – Disney Land and Disney Sea. Although the name has Tokyo, it’s actually in Chiba.

Disney Land is older: it opened in 1983. It has a castle of Cinderella, Splash Maintain, Big thunder Maintain, and so on which is similar to Magic Kingdom in FL.

Disney Sea opened in 2001. Its concept is “sea” and is a first concept of Disney in the world. As one of characteristics of Disney Sea, many restaurants have alcohol.

Some people come for one park or stay two days and go to both parks. But some people go to both in one day! That sounds hard, doesn’t it?!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The traffic signal in Japan has been changing

The traffic signal has been changing recently from regular lights from LED light.
It is very clear due to its brightness and easy to recognize the color of signal.

LED light costs a lot but it lasts much longer than regular lights and also electric bill is cheap. But it is weak to snow or coldness so it needs to be improved.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do you know what the first instant ramen in the world?

In 1953 a Japanese man, Yoshio Murata, made a first instant ramen in the world. The ramen was named “Chikin (Chicken) Ramen.” When he saw a long line to a ramen restaurant, he thought over if there are anything people can eat ramen easily.

It’s easy to make as Youshio Murata proposaled – put a mass of noodle in a bowl and pour boiled water. Wait for a 3 minutes and the ramen is ready to eat!

The Chikin Ramen is still popular in Japan and is loved by people. Now each mass of noodle has a pocket for an egg, and people put an egg on it and pour boiled water. It’s very yum!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We have lots of convenience stores in Japan

In Japan convenience stores are everywhere. It’s easy to find if you need to stop by.

Japanese convenience stores have variety of things. Their services are great. We can even pay utility bills, send and receive package/packages, buy tickets, and so on. Some stores have a café.

And majority of them open 24 hours/7days. Inside of stores are very blight and clean, so people can stop by a convenience store easily even during midnight.

Monday, February 23, 2015

SAIBASHI is great tool for cooking

As you know, Japanese use chopsticks for eating.
Not only easing, but also there are long chopsticks called “SAIBASHI” for only cooking.

Usually there are one set of SAIBASHI in each home.
Your hands get very close to a hot frying pan when you cook frying food so it is helpful to use long chopsticks to remove your hands from hot pan.

Also SAIBASHI is useful to check temperature of cooking oil.
Put the SAIBASHI in water and dry them well.
Put the end of the SAIBASHI in cooking oil and check how much the bubble is made.

The bubble is very very small and quietly comes up, it is about 302 to 320.
The bubble is a bit large, it is about 338.
The bubble is large and many bubbles come up quickly, it is about 356 to 374.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A chair for a floor – Zaisu

I think you already know that Japanese people sit on a floor and it’s normal. But actually sitting on a floor for a while is not easy and not relaxing at all.

In Japan there are chairs called “zaisu.” Zaisu is a chair for a floor. It doesn’t have legs. Zaisu makes people relaxed to sit on a floor.

There are many kinds of zaisu in markets now. Some have armrests, some have an adjuster for a back, and so on. Zaisu is very comfortable.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cut off animation – Japanese kids love them

Creating a cut off animation is one of the things which many Japanese kids do during their classes to kill their time.

The story is varies but most of them are very simple.
After 50min class, the work is completed well.

Asking Japanese if they created cut off animation or drawing scribbles, most of Japanese answer “yes”.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Have you tried Fuji-apples?

There are so many kinds of apples in Japan. Fuji-apple is the most popular apple in Japan. Its season is from September to January.

As Fuji-apple’s characteristics, it lasts long: for 4 months in a room temperature, and for 7 months in a fridge. And it’s juicy and sweet with a special firmness.

By the way do you know the best way to keep apples? It’s to wrap up each apple with plastic whap or news paper. By doing this moisture inside of the apple don’t go away and it’s still juicy when you eat it.

Fuji-apples are popular in other countries. You could see them in local grocery stores. If you find them, please try them!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Have you had a sushi cake?

In Japan some people make a sushi cake just for fun. I have never seen sushi cakes in any restaurants though.

It’s actually easy to make because making hand-rolled sushi and making sushi rolls are not necessary. Same ingredients for making sushi are needed, but also a cake pan is needed. All you we do it that put rice, ingredients in a middle layer (if we want), put another layer of rice, and decollate with ingredients. Instead of frosting, people usually use cream cheese.

It’s so easy and fun! If you are interested, please try!