Thursday, June 30, 2016

The cotton candies evolve.

As you know, cotton candy is a sweet of which molted sugar into an extremely thin thread form is collected and formed into cotton form.

Because there is a unique fragrance fragrant indulgently at the time of production, it is sold in the stands such as a fair and a street, the festival well.

It is big pleasure of the visitors that see a state made in front, but it puts it in the bag as a display beforehand blew up like a balloon, and it decorates it with the stand and is sold.

In late years bags printed the popular character on are used well.

It is a popular cotton candy from old days, but a new thing comes out in Harajuku or Haneda Airport and is popular among youths recently.

There is the fun thing including the cake which a pancake comes out to when chocolate sauce is worn on the cotton candy and the cotton candy which are bigger than a face a lot.

Let’s look for new cotton candies in Japan!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you know “Michi-no-eki”?

In the roadside station called “Michi-no-eki”, local towns as a nucleus are places having both the functions of three called "a local cooperation function" to cooperate "the information dispatch function" for a road user and local people "the break function" for road users at a roadside station in the road installations where local promotion facilities were united with a rest area registered by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

On November 5, 2015, it is registered 1,079 places in Japan.

Conventionally, the public rest station of the public way hardly existed whereas a service area (SA) and parking area (PA) which were the rest station which anyone could use freely in the expressway for 24 hours were maintained.

To drive long distance has been increased by progress of the motorization, and, like SA, the PA of the expressway, a rest area available freely came to be demanded from anyone on a general road for 24 hours.

At each roadside station, the person nearby and tourist can enjoy it for a famous local products, local fresh vegetables and others.

If you drive in Japan, please stop at the “Michi-no-eki” for your rest.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Walking and eating at Tsukiji!

Do you know the Tsukiji market in Tokyo?

The Tsukiji market was established in the wholesale market of public facilities in Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo in 1935.

The size of the market is approximately 23 hectares.

Auction is carried out in this by 7 wholesalers and approximately 1,000 relation wholesalers (about 820 relation wholesalers related to beat fisheries), and the scale is Japan, the world's largest.

Auction is done in the Tsukiji market called “Jyonai” and there are many stores called “Jyogai” that means outside of Tukiji market around the Tsukiji market.

There are many sushi bars and shops of omelets, a lot of fresh, delicious things including fishery products.

Many buyers and visitors/tourists visit to “Jyogai” market to buy and eat many kinds of food.

Therefore, Tukiji is very crowded and does well every day,

In November, 2016, Toyosu market is going to open, and the Tsukiji market is almost dismantled for the same period, but the over-the-counter market seems to be continued.

It is the pleasant place that can eat various delicious things.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Let’s visit the Tokyo character street!

Do you know the Tokyo Character Street?

The Tokyo character street opened in a store specializing in fancy goods street in the underground shopping center area of the Tokyo Station called on March 8, 2008.

24 character shops including stores specializing such as fancy goods shop of the TV station such as NHK, NTV, TBS and others, "Ultra man" and "Rascal" "Snoopy" in fancy goods, Tomica and the specialty store of Lego catch a passage of approximately 80m and link the eaves.

In addition, there is the event space called the “Event Plaza” in the Tokyo character street most.

The advertising events of a TV program and the animation movie are held, and the event that the costume of the character appears, the sale of goods concerned may be carried out.

The character street where popular characters gather in one place in Japan is always child and others and is full.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A new stage opens in Harajuku!

The premium "Harajuku station square stage" of which has a runway to shine permanently has opened in the entrance of Harajuku, the Takeshita Street.

Fresh girls dreaming of a debut stands in the stage called "Harajuku Ekimae Parties” (Parties of Harajuku station square stage)" come up.

There are four parties called “Fuwa Fuwa”, “Harajuku Otome”, “Harajuku Stage A” and “Pink Diamond”.

They sing a song, show a dance and the fashion show that wrapped the body in a special fashion of Harajuku.

Does it become second AKB48?

You may keep your eyes on Harajuku from now on!

Monday, June 13, 2016

A powerful festival of Ombashira!

In the Suwa big shrine called “SUWA TAISHA” of Suwa-shi, Nagano, there is a very big festival to be said to be Ombashira Festival.

Ombashira is a pillar made from fir tree and Ombashira Festival comes to be held grandly from 804 years.

Only 16 chosen fir trees are begun to pull in the village from the mountain and are built in the four corners of the main shrine of the “Suwa Taisha” in the year of a tiger and the monkey every seven years.

Ombashira itself is a huge tree such as approximately 17m in length, more than 1m in diameter, and approximately 10 tons in weight.

"Yamadashi” that trees are pulled from the mountain to the village is held on April and “Satobiki” that the trees are carried to the Shrine and built in four corners of main shrine is held on May at both of Kamiyashiro and Shimoyashiro.

This year, “Yamadashi” will be held on April 2nd to 10th and “Satobiki” will be held on May 3rd to 16th.

It is a powerful and magnificent festival to want you to come once.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Factory tour is fun!

In Japan, there are many factories of which many kinds of products are made and free factory tour for general people is held at some of the factories.

At the factory tour, you can see the manufacturing process which makes a product generally, sometimes try a production experience, eat and drink some kinds of sample food and purchase limited products and souvenirs.

The following factory tours are popular in the Kanto district.

1) ASAHI Breweries in Ibaraki where can drink sample beer, 2) AKAGI NYUGYO where can eat ice cream called “GARIGARI-KUN”, 3) JAL SKY MUSEUM where can see the maintenance of air planes and others, 4) GLICO PEER EAST where can try to experience production of chocolate sweets, 5) BANDAI Hobby Center where can see the production process of plastic model of GUNDAM.

Factory tour can be enjoyed in families, friends and couples.

Let’s visit factories!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Eat Natto for your health!

A “Natto” is the Japanese fermented food which let a soybean ferment by Bacillus natto.

Traditional natto is made by wrapping the steamed soybeans in a straw of the rice, it keeps warm to around 40 degrees for one day, and then, Bacillus natto attaching to rice straw shifts to a soybean and is multiplied.

The usual natto is put into the pack of the Styrofoam now.

The natto is the health food that vitamin K for making a blood clotting factor and Protein of soybeans are included, and the dietary fiber is included in the richness such as 4.9-7.6 grams in 100 grams.

The natto is not only eaten on rice together, but also is used for miso soup, spaghetti and bread.

It is good taste of natto bread with melted cheese.

Do you try to eat the natto?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A bonsai and bonsai Museum

Do you know a bonsai?

The bonsai puts the trees and plants on a bowl (bonsai bowl, tray device), and the whole way of branch, leaf figure, skin, root of the trunk, bowl or figure are appreciated and the characteristic is to mold it in imitation of scenery of nature.

It is taken long time to take care of the bonsai by fertilization, the pruning, wiring and watering, but it is very popular because it is live plants, there is not a thing called "completion", and it is attractive one that always change.

The bonsai is also very popular with overseas people now.

By the way, the first public "Bonsai museum called Oomiya Bonsai Art Museum" in the world is established in Oomiya city, Saitama now.

The museum has the perfect works of the bonsai which assumed collection of “Old Takagi Bonsai Museum”, the tray device which is the flowerpot for the bonsai and various history and folk documents related to bonsai.

It is a recommended place for a person wanting to know the bonsai.