Thursday, April 30, 2015

Many Japanese love KFC, Colonel Sanders everywhere!

KFC is one of the famous fast food in U.S but it is not so popular.
But Japanese like KFC, the stores are in all over Japan and people buy chicken on Christmas or other occasion.

So, you can see the large figure of Colonel Sanders everywhere, standing in front of the store and sometimes he wear seasonal clothes such as Santa’s costume.

In areas such as Okinawa prefecture, the chicken of KFC even sometimes appears for dinner.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Do you know what is “POCARI SWEAT”?

You may think this name sounds a bit weird, but it is a health drink! This health drink “POCARI SWEAT” was introduced in Japan in 1980 and the concept of this drink is “drinkable drip”. It is developed based on an aqueous solution of salt that is used for medical use, so includes sodium, glucose, sugar and carbohydrate substance.
POCARI SWEAT is a drink to replenish fluid losses from sweating and ion, so Japanese people drink POCARI SWEAT after playing sports, taking a bath, waking up in the morning etc and Japanese people often drink POCARI SWEAT when they catch a cold. Also, POCARI SWEAT is often offered at a hospital and care facility.
This drink is today enjoyed in outside of Japan as well such as in Korea, China and Thailand etc.         If you have never tried this drink, just give it a try!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Breakfast special

In the morning, some coffee shops or restaurants offer “breakfast special” in Japan.              
If you order a cup of coffee or some other drink, you get breakfast for free of charge.            
This breakfast consists of toast, a hardboiled egg, a salad in general.                      
Served breakfast and breakfast hours differ by coffee shops or restaurants.                                    
Most coffee shops offer this breakfast special from early morning to lunch time.
Nagoya area is famous for breakfast special. Served volume and variety are beyond other areas.
Since there are a lot of coffee shops, its competition is very keen.                       Sometimes they offer all-you-can eat buffet for free of charge or a cheap price if you order any kind of drink. Some coffee shops offer curry, Udon and pasta for breakfast special! There is a coffee shop that offers breakfast special throughout the day in Nagoya.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Popcorn Fever has arrived in Japan !

Popcorn Fever has arrived in Japan!!!! Recently some popular overseas popcorn shops newly opened, especially in Omotesando area in Tokyo. Everybody enjoys eating popcorn in the theater, but I have never imagined that popcorn shops would be so popular like this!
Newly arrived popcorn is a bit different from popcorn which we eat in the theater. These popcorn shops sell various flavors in luxury packaging, use high quality ingredients and are located in good places. It overturned the fixed image of popcorn.
The Forth of Garrett Popcorn Shops opened in Nagoya in April this year and you may be surprised to see the long line to buy popcorn! You may have to wait at least 2 hours….

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pen cases for kinds are like treasure box!

Pen case is one of the items you need for study.
Kid’s pen case in Japan is very cool, it is like a treasure box.

It is hard box and there are partitions inside, it is double deck and there is a drawer.
Surprisingly there are pencil sharpener inside the pen case.

The design is also very cute or cool which children loves.
When you open the case, it is like a treasure box!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is it surprising that Japanese usually do not hug or kiss for greeting with other people even with own family?

In Japanese culture, we do not hug with other people. Also we do not kiss with own family members.

So when we say good bye, we just say so and do not hug or kiss.
To express emotion of hugging or kissing, what we do is maybe just saying so or shaking hands, or tapping shoulders.

We grew up so, so we do not feel any sense of loss but it should be strange for somebody from different culture.

Friday, April 24, 2015

We love pancakes !

Pan cakes are amazingly popular among ladies in Japan. A lot of pan cake cafes newly opened or overseas pan cake restaurants came into Japan recently. Also, some restaurants and cafes added pancakes on their menu. If you search on internet, you may find a lot of recipes or techniques for various kinds of pancakes.

Pancakes are often featured in TV programs or articles in magazines, so if you go to a popular pancake café covered in media, you may see an incredible long waiting line!
Sometimes you have to wait in the line for 1 or 2 hours.
I wonder why pan cakes are extremely popular like this in Japan….Maybe, ladies are attracted by pan cakes because these pan cakes look pretty as ladies take pictures before eating, and taste may not be a big deal for them….

A famous family-style restaurant called “Denny's” recently started to offer a menu
of all-you-can-eat Pan cake!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Would you like real OCHA ? You can have it with OchaPresso

Ocha is one of the Japanese traditional culture.
It takes some steps, each of the steps has meaning and even you can do it, you still have more to learn about Ocha and it is endless.

The politely made Ocha taste very well.
If you love Ocha but do not have chance to get it easily, Ocha Presso will help you.
Ocha presso is a amazing machine that makes real Ocha. It is easy to use and you can have delicious Ocha in short time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Japanese Pizza – What an amazing food!

Japanese Pizza is called “Okonomi-Yaki” in Japanese.
The base of the Okonomi-Yaki is wheat flour and Dashi (Japanese Soup).

In addition to the flour and Dashi, we put Chinese yam, shredded cabbage and eggs.
You can mix seafood if you want and dough is all set.

Scooping the dough and put it on frying pan, put beef or port on the top and bake it both side. Taking out from the pan and put sauce, mayo and Aonori(seaweed).

You can take vegetables, meat, seafood and carbohydrate so it is nourishing food.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aquabeads Art – Even adults are absorbed in making it.

Aquabeads Art is a toy for girls which makes beads art by putting beads as an instruction paper and spray water.

It is very fun to make because you can create cute beads art such as animals, stars, flowers and even the FROZEN Anna & Ellsa.

This is very safe because you do not use any dangerous tools such as iron.
The glue is pasted on each beads and when you spray water, they stick together.
Even if children or baby eat them, they spill out because the beads taste bitter for safe.