Thursday, September 29, 2016

Relax time at “Neko Café”

Would you like to stay calm and relax apart from your busy life?

And do you like to spend time with animals?

If so, “Neko Café” is the best place to visit.

“Neko Café” is the place where you can stay and relax with some cats.

The concept of the café is to interact with cats and feel at ease with some drinks.

Mostly the cats at the café have gentle character.

To see how those cats are acting and interact with them become healing.

These types of café are getting popular in Japan as so many people feel stressed on their hectic schedule.

This is the new Japanese culture.

Why don’t you visit such a place?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Running up the stairs of the JR Kyoto Station Building

If you hear the name of the city “Kyoto”, what do you imagine?

A traditional city in Japan?  An old Japanese capital?

Yes.  I think so too!!

However, they have a unique and hard event at a huge modern building; Kyoto Station.

The name of the event is called  “Running up the stairs of the JR Kyoto Station Building”.

It is held on the third Saturday of February every year.

Participants run up 171 steps; 70 meters in length.

Anyone can participate in the race, but a team needs to have 4 people including one woman and the one who is over 45 years old.

Total time of 4 will be the time for the team.

If more than one team finish the race at the same time, those teams head to play-off; running up the stairs again.

It is tough game, but it is fun and good for your body.

Winning for the fifth time in a row gives the winner enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Why don’t you like to participate in the unique event to get the prize?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let’s enjoy“Otsukimi”

What kind of festival do you have during autumn in your country?

In Japan, “Otsukimi” is the one to celebrate on September.

“Otsukimi” is a seasonal festival to enjoy the moon on the night of August 15th, on the Chinese calendar.

September 15th on the Gregorian calendar is the day of Otsukimi in 2016.

What is “Otsukimi”?

Otsukimi means “viewing the moon”.

It is said that the custom of the moon viewing came from China.

In Japan, people decorate with sliver grasses and offer rice dumplings to the moon in appreciation for the harvest of grains.

Why decorate with sliver grass?

The reason is why it is said that the grass can house a Shinto God and also acts as a charm against evil.

Then, why do they offer rice dumplings?

People offer rice dumplings because a white round rice dumpling mean “full moon bringing you good luck” and is believed to let everybody keep in good shape.

In fall, so many fruits and vegetables are sold in stores.

Why don’t we appreciate for the harvest of grains and enjoy this event??

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rabbits Island - Okunojima

Do you know there is an island that so many rabbits are living in Japan?

It is the island called “Okunojima”, located in the Seto Inland Sea.

The island is only 4.3km around and 3km from Hiroshima mainland and was officially designated as a national park in the Sea.

During the World War II, Japan produced toxic gas in the island, so some of the old factory buildings are still there.

More than 700 wild rabbits are now living in the island and most of them are Oryctolagus cuniculus.

This kind of rabbits goes on digging holes, so you should be aware of tipping over those holes.

Also, you need to step aside their spoor.

Other than that, it is very rare experiencee to see so many rabbits at a time.

If you bring some foods like carrots early in the morning or in the midnight, you might have chance to seen and touch many of them.

It will be an unforgettably impressive experience for you.

Why don’t you stay over in the island and have a romp with the rabbits?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Emergency Drills for small kids

Your country places a high value on practicing emergency drills for small kids?

Disasters will occur everywhere at any time in the world.

Japan is a no disaster country?  No, it is not!!

Japan is known as an earthquake-ridden country.

Actually, in Japan, we have “National Disaster Prevention Day” on September 1 and many evacuation drills are conducted around the day.

Therefore, Japanese people think learning how to deal with such a critical situation when a disaster occurs from early stage is very important.

Most of kindergartens and nursery schools in Japan practice such drills once in a month.

What kind of emergency training they hold?

Kids learn how to tackle an accident on 3 types of disasters; an earthquake, fire, and typhoon because they require different types of skills on each situation.

During emergency training of each disaster, they put on an emergency hat, make a line, follow what their teacher says and quickly move to emergency evacuation area.

Teachers often use a storybook for kids to learn the importance of the drill easily.

Continuing such trainings let them be able to handle any critical situation calmly and smoothly.

The most important thing is to minimize loses by disasters.

We need to create an environment of soothing calm no matter what the circumstances are.

Well, don’t you think it is the time to start learning what you need to do when a disaster occurs?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Made in Japan Jeans – Momotaro Jeans

“Made in Japan” products are known as high quality products in the world, but do you know there is a “Made in Japan Jeans?”

You might have never heard about “Made in Japan jeans”, but it has been quite popular among jeans fans.

“Momotaro Jeans is one of them and the most popular brand as a made in Japan jeans,

The denim has created by Rampuya; an indigo dying company in Okayama, since 1992.

The company decided to use the name of “Momotaro” on its product because the name of a poplar hero of Japanese folklore originated from Oakayama Prefecture, where “Made in Japan Jeans” was created at first.

Based on the company’s belief; “make innovative products to posterity”, “Momotaro Jeans” has produced and has gain popularity more and more.

The jeans are made with Zimbabwean cottons; the world’s greatest cotton; using its high level dying technique. 

As the company takes a great deal pride in its products, all of Momotaro Jeans has 10 year-garantees.

Once you try it on, you definitely become an addict on the brand jeans.

Would you like to try it on?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TORETORE VILLAGE – Giving everybody smile

Which hotel do you like to stay over during your vacation, a luxuary hotel or a reasonable hotel?

Or would you like to stay at a hotel with innovative concepts?
There are many hotels having unique services in Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce you “TORETORE VILLAGE”.

“ToreTore Villege” is one of the most popular hotels in Japan and located in Wakayama prefecture.

It is a village with some dorm-shaped houses, like cottages.

Each house has a bathroom and toilet but each has adifferent types of design inside.

Nearby shopping, eating, hot spa, amusement parks and miscellaneous; such as “ToreTore Ichiba selling fresh fish, “ToreTore no Yu (Spa), and Adventure World (amusement park with zoo) are around the village.

You can enjoy famous tasty fresh fish for dinner, and relax at an exclusive hot spa for free.

All types of people staying at the hotel; families, couples, groups of friends, can spend quality time in the village.

If you stay at this village, you definitely become an addict of this facility.

So, why don’t you make a reservation of this hotel for your next vacation?

Monday, September 5, 2016

“Shakyo” gives you peace of mind on your life

Do you know what “Shakyo” is?

Shakyo is a hand copying sutra.

The practitioners just trace each stroke of the Chinese character on the paper which have already been printed out from the backward.

It is not so difficult to trace them but required us concentrations.

“Shakyo” is said to have effects on your life.

What kind of effects it can provide?

“Shakyo” was started among Buddhist priests to learn and spread the sutra around.

Now, the popularity of “Shakyo” is rising because it brings us peace of mind just like practicing an meditation.

Tracing the sutra with a brush let us has a good posture.

If you have a slight stoop or backache, it might be tone of the treatment.

Also, it builds up your capacity for endurance and power of concentration.

To keep tracing the sutra correctly and in a good hand to the end is so hard, but you will be filled with a sense of achievement when you finish it all.

You just need a paper and a brush to start “Shakyo”.

Don’t you think it is easy and inexpensive to get wonderful feeling on your life?

If so, why don’t you try it?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Historic Village of “SHIRAKAWA-GO”

So many historic houses in the village.

“Shirakawa-go” has a beautiful view being reminiscent of the old Japanese life.

Shirakawa-go has been named to the UNESCO list of world heritage since 1975.

The town is located in the northern end of Gifu prefecture, where is surrounded by steep mountains.

It had been rare to have visitors to the town due to its geographical and weather reasons.

Therefore, people could keep its old culture and customs by now.

An area with about 100 thatched A-frame houses is one of the main tourist spots in Shirakawa-go.

You can enter the thatched house; Wada-ke, which is designated as a cultural asset of national importance, and enjoy seeing the inside and structure.

There are many places that you can rest and feel traditional Japanese lifestyle such as cafes, souvenir shops, and hotels in the town.

Every season, Shirakawa-go attracts us with its beautiful landscape even though it is said the must-see season is in winter.

Why don’t you go to “Shirakawa-go” to feel the history of Japan?