Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japan women’s volley ball in silver medal

Japan women 's volley ball is popular in Japan.

FIVB World Grand Prix 2014 was held in Tokyo, Japan and women’s team was in the second place.

The final round was started from 20th August and Japan won straight victories from Russia, Turkey, China and Belgium but today of the last day, they lose to Brazil. However this is the first time for Japan to become in the second place and won the silver medal.

I would like to expect their best game in the world cup which will held next year and also in the Olympic at Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cute and interesting train runs in Wakayama

Do you know the local train called “Tamaden” in Wakayama? It is a local line which serves between Wakayama to Kishi station.

The train is unique and cute, you can see the cat designed all over the place, outside and inside train!! The concept of “Tamaden” is to create the most interesting local train in Japan.

If you go to Kishi station which is the last station of its route, you can meet “Tama”, the cat as a station master of Kishi station. Come and see this cute and unique train if you have chance to come to Wakayama!! It is already a famous spot among tourists.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bras in the vending machine

Do you know there are various kinds of vending machine in Japan?

Now it is not only for drinks or cigarettes, you can find the vending machine of foods, snacks, magazines, newspapers, alcohols, ice cream, batteries, fresh eggs, umbrellas and so on and even the bras!!

Wow, it was surprised and unusual to see the vending machines of bras.

It is one of Japan's recent vending machines which released by Wacoal, a famous manufacturer of women's lingerie. Size chart is also available for easy buy. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Popular girl’s animation “Precure”

Japanese animation “Precure” is very popular among the girls. Some of the girls can remember their dance perfectly with their songs. It is funny but amazing to watch the little girls singing and dancing wearing the costume of “Precure”. They are completely turned into its member!!

There are a lot of goods such as CD, DVD, books, figures, toys, stationary, clothes and even the bicycles and more other things if you go to a shop. These products are sold a lot in eBay.

“Precure” attracts not only the small children but also adults.

The Japanese animation popularity is endless.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Origami, the traditional art of Japan

Origami is a Japanese traditional art of folding paper to create various kinds of objects and animals. There are many books and videos in YouTube of how to fold origami.

Tsuru, the crane is typical art of origami and it’s also the representative of Japan means of peace. In Japan we often fold 1000 paper cranes which called “Senbazuru” to the people suffering from the natural disaster or the heavy disease, praying and wishing for their early recovery.

Recently, there are many colors and designs of Origami are sold and used in many scene of arts. They are now popular not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.