Friday, July 31, 2015

Erasable pens

Everyone wants to make pages of their schedule books or notebooks neat and easy to look at afterwards but many people have experienced that making messy pages because of changing schedule or simply mistake writing.

For these cases, erasable pens were invented. Thoes unique pens can be erased by specialised erasers. They were invented in Japan but sold in Europe first.

It has been nine years since the erasable pen was first sold and still very popular to many people from kids to adults.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cooking three dishes at once!

When you cook two or three dishes in a pan, it is a pain to wash the pan again and again, isn't it? More pain if they are small dishes.

There is an ideal pan for thoes who lives by themselves or makes some little dishes for your lunch box everyday.

It is very convenient that you can cook all dishes at once and you don't even need to wash a pan everytime you cook. It will be so usefull for those busy mornings especially!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japanese style pubic bath, the Kenko Land!!

We have many so called public bath in all over Japan and it is like an amusement theme park of bathing! It also seems like a roman thermae where you can take a bath, you can have a chat,you can drink & eat and you can even take a nap.

In Japan, we call it “Kenko Land” or “Super Sento”which Kenko means health and sento means public bath. Original Kenko land was established in Funabashi, Chiba in 1955 and the had a comedy show for older people. In the begging, those Kenko Land or the Super Sento were designed for older people to have fun.

Now,this Kenko Land has been remodeling  a lot for all aged family, such as having big swimming pool, Karaoke rooms, spa treatment room, saunas,restaurants and more and more.

Good things is that they usually open for 24 hours so if you miss the train or no where to stay, you can just go ahead to have a bath and enjoy other things over there!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cool Sunblock Cream

It is very important to apply sunblock cream when you go outside in the strong sun in the summer.

In Japan where it gets up to 40℃ in some places, you can buy the sunblock cream which makes you feel cooler when you apply it.

This kind of sunblock cream is very popular as you can protect yourself from sunburn and also feel cool in the hot summer!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Have a drink? Have a chuhai!

When you travel in Japan by bullet trains or the long distance trains, you may see some people drink a canned alcoholic beverage called Chuhai.
Chuhai or Chu-Hi is made with shochu and carbonated water, named from shochu highball. 

You can purchase at kiosk of any train stations, convenience stores, super market and even vending machines. This low alcohol drink is now available for variety of flavors such as, traditional lemon, apple, lychee, grapes, grapefruits, strawberry, you name it and you’ll find one! 

Have a chuhai when you travel Japan by train! (please do not ever drive and drink in Japan, it is very strict now and you’ll lose your license immediately! )

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The tool for making MISO soup easier!

Most of Japanese people have loved MISO SOUP very much for a long time. It's a basic dish so that we all learn in a cooking class at elementary schools.

Some eat/drink miso soup every morning. Whether daily making miso soup can be done easier and this kitchen tool was invented! Using this tool, you can measure the quantity of MISO (the fermented soybean paste) easily.

This tool which can measure MISO paste easily will be the good trigger for children to help their mothers with fun.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sendai Tanabata, the Star Festival

There are many festivals all over in Japan and today I would like to introduce one of the oldest and the biggest Star Festival in Japan. It’s held in Sendai, the northern Japan on 7th of July in lunar calender which means about 6th or 7th of Aug each year.

The star festival is known as a legend of Vega and Altair who are separated by the Milky way and this is the only time they can see each other. Story or the legend came from china and we in Japan are celebrating their reunion by displaying bamboo grass with strips of colored papers and ornaments. It is said wishes come true if you write of the colored strips, pray and display them.

In Sendai, since Date Masamune who was a regional strongman of mid 1500s, this Tanabata, the star festival has been held. Lots of huge bamboo ornaments, strips of wishes,Samurai and fireworks are “must-see” festival while you are traveling in Japan!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sugakiya, ramen noodle for Nagoya people’s soul food.

In Japan, we have lots of unique foods in all different prefectures and we are all proud of foods we have in our home town. When you about to travel different cities and towns in Japan, you can see those unique foods, we call them “soul food” everywhere you go!

In Nagoya where as know as manufacturing Toyota cars, they have lots of unique foods and one of their soul food is ramen noodle of Suagakiya shop. This Sugakiya shop is economy fast food established in 1946. They have served delicious cheap ramen for long time and their spoons are unique in shape. They are mixed of spoon and folk in order to be easy to eat noodle and soup together.

Nowadays, this Sugakiya shops are located all over in Japan but if you have a chance to visit Nagoya city, foods over there are worth to try! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sukayu hot spring, an exciting mixed bathing in Aomori

Japanese people love to go to hot springs called onsen in Japanese. All the year around and all over in Japan, we can enjoy outside hot springs and indoor hot bath by looking at snow in winter ,yellow leaves in autumn, green fresh leaves and smell in summer and cherry blossoms in spring! As you have seen or heard about hot spring in Japan, you know we do not wear any clothes or bathing suits while bathing, just be naked. Having a bath makes us relaxed even though we are all naked. This might make you uncomfortable if you never try Japanese style hot spring before. How about Sukayu hot spring in Aomori which is not separated bath but men and women mixed bathing? What do you feel? I tried once and I really like it! They have their history,people are nice and nothing to worry about. If you are brave enough to be naked, just try amazing hot spring experience in Aomori!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Goldfish Catching at festivals

When the rainy season ends, summer festivals are held everywhere in Japan. On that day, there are little temporary shops on the street called YATAI and everyone gets excited what they can get.

"Goldfish catching" is one of the traditional YATAI from the old days. You catch goldfish from the water tank with the tool called POI which shape is like a magnifying glass and has very thin paper instead of a lens.

If you wait for the timing slowly sinking a poi in the water, the paper can be torn but if you try to catch quickly, again, paper can be torn. Those who good at catching goldfish, they seem to know the trick.

Even if you can't catch any, don't worry because you'll get some in the end.