Monday, October 31, 2016

Where do you get a driver's license?

When you would like to get a driver's license, where do you go? 

How do you find a teacher and who decide whether or not you can drive? 

In Japan, we learn how to drive at a driving school. 

It takes about at least 15 days to pass the exam before you can obtain a driver's license.  

It costs about JPY300,000, which is not inexpensive price. 

However, you might be able to drive a luxury car; like BMW and Mercedes on the lesson.

At school, you will learn rules, manner and signs during lectures and how to drive by driving an actual car.

For last few days, you go out of the school and practice to drive public road and highway. 

It is quite difficult to get a drivers's license here in Japan, but you will add more pleasure to your life. 

How is it different from the way to get the driver's license in your country?  

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Costume for 2016

Halloween season is coming!! 

Many Halloween goods and snacks can be seen at many places. 

In Japan, Halloween is becoming very popular event in these 10 years. 

Today, I would like to tell you which costume would be popular for this year. 

When all is said and done, many people wear the costume for Pokemon, such as Pikachu and Satoshi because "Pokemon Go" gained tremendous popularity this year. 

From Kids to adults can wear these costumes to enjoy the event.     

A family is sure to be able to have fun at the event if the kids wear Pikachu and their dad wears Satoshi. 

Also, the costume of the characters in the movie "Suicide Squad" will be great to wear for the event. 

Especially, the costume for Harley Quinn acted by Margot Robbie is very pop and cute, so it should be good for ladies. 

Standard costumes, of course, like witches and ghosts have extreme popularity this year as well. 

Well, have you already decided what to wear for this coming Halloween?

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Boom of "PPAP"

Have you ever heard "PPAP"?

"PPAP" is a very popular song in Japan now. 

The man wearing a leopard-print costume named "Piko Taro" is singing the song.

His dance and music are very unique. 

The popularity is growing to all over the world. 

Even Jastin Bieber shares it as his "favorite Video on the Internet".

Many people in the world try to make his/her own video with the songs.

The lyrics are very simple; only combination of pen, apple and pineapple. 

However, you cannot get the song out of your ear once you hear it. 

Are you interested in the song? 

Just click "YouTube" and watch the video. 

Don't miss it!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It is time to change pictograms!!

The 2016 Summer Olympics was over. Where is the 2020 Olympics held? 

Yes, it is held in Tokyo!! 

The government has estimated more than 20 million people will come to Japan during the Olympic. 

Therefore, we need to create friendly environment for foreign travelers as well as to construct the game venues and facilities. 

Pictogram is the one for them to rely on during their trip. 

Unfortunately, we use pictograms based on Japanese standard (JIS) and almost half of them are quite different from the one with international standard. 

Many Japanese pictograms are hard to understand for foreigners. 

Due to the reason, the government decided to start considering as we change our own pictograms to match the international standard. 

It will take time to amend these signs, but it will definitely reliable for foreign travelers to find the place they would like to visit easily. 

Also, using pictograms based on international standard will lead the success of the 2020 summer Olympics!! 

Please look forward to seeing the new understandable pictograms for your trip to Japan!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Let’s have a party with Karaoke

Do you like to sing in front of many people? 

Karaoke (empty orchestra) is a popular social activity for Japanese adults. 

It is especially popular among "salarymen" or businessmen. 

It is common for salarymen to spend hours drinking in karaoke pubs or snack bars for hours after they get off work. 

There are also Karaoke "clubs", which resemble hotels in that they have private rooms for groups of people. 

It also has many types of rooms; such as a stylish room with a mirror ball, a Japanese traditional style room, and a family room with some toys for small kids. 

They are immensely popular with the people of every level of social standing. 

Many people fear being embarrassed by a bad karaoke performance and it is common to hire professional coaches just to improve expertise in these areas. 

It is also common for karaoke machines to rate the performances of the singers. 

Some even tell the singer how many calories were burnt from their performance, which means Karaoke is the way to lose your weight!! 

So, let's go to "Karaoke clubs" to have fun!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Must see - Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden is the vast classical Japan garden covering over 175,000 square meters.

You must see its seasonal beauty when you visit Yokohama.

Sankeien contains many historical houses and buildings that are recognized as being culturally significant by the government.

These building were brought to the park from all over Japan.

The entire garden was once the private home of Tomitaro “Sankei” Hara; who was an extremely wealthy silk merchant.  It was opened to the public in 1906.  

As you stroll through the park, you will find bridges, streams, small waterfalls, bamboo groves, and ponds. The house that Hara and his family lived in is huge: a sprawling, flat dwelling with dozens of spacious interconnected tatami rooms, overlooking a private green lawn.

The garden shows you different faces each season.  

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the late March, the beauty of thousands of Japanese pink lotus blossoms attracts you in a pond just inside the entrance during July and August, and the changing color of leaves also cannot be missed!!  

Why don’t you visit this garden to enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Beautiful View from Osanbashi Pier

Are you looking for the place to see beautiful view?

If so, Osanbashi Pier is a great place to visit.

Osanbashi Pier is the main international passenger pier at the Port of Yokohama.

Major cruise ships such as the Queen Elizabeth 2 were at one time embarked here, although 90,000 GWT ships such as MS Queen Eizabeth are often obliged to use nearby container terminals owing to their enormous size.

You sometimes can get one a cruise ship embarked at the pier even though you are not the cruise ship traveler.

The pier is also known as one of the best place to see the Yokohama beautiful view, such as “Minatomirai” area and the Yokohama Three Towers (The King, Queen and the Jack).

Especially, the view from the pier at nighttime is so gorgeous!!

The huge roof park is very unique and designed as wave. 

It is opened for 24 hours, so you can enjoy the view of Yokohama and relax.

It also set the “OSANBASHI VIEW POINT” as you can take a great picture of Minatomirai area from the pier.

Inside the pier, there are some souvenir shops or a café restaurant.

You might forget how much time you spend the place.

If you go to Yokohama area, why don’t you choose this place to visit?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Treasure Box – 100yen Shop!!

Do you have any problems to look for some souvenirs to your family or friends?

You don’t want to spend so much money for the presents?

If so, why don’t you go to “100yen shops”?

A “100yen shop would be a paradise or a tourist spots for foreigners.

Wide variety of goods, such as daily necessities, stationary, foods and cosmetics, is sold in these stores.

Also, all of the types of goods for souvenirs; modern types and traditional kinds of Japanese goods, are sold there.

Those goods in the stores sell for 100 yen (plus tax).

The goods there are very stylish and high quality, so it is no problem to use them as souvenirs.

Good deal!!  But be careful not to spend so much money.

You definitely spend great time to look for the goods you need.
Why don’t you stop by?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Healing Place – Owl Cafe

Are you interested in the world of Harry Potter?

Or would you like to spend time with animal for you to relax?

Well, “Owl Café” is the best place to visit!!

“Owl café” is getting very popular here in Japan.

Why this kind of café is getting popular now?

They reason is why people think owl is a quiet and mysterious animal, so they might have interests toward this kind of bird.

Or maybe because a snowy owl named Hedwig is in the “Harry Potter” series and play an important role in the movie, people has interests to the birds of prey.

Most of the owls in these café are very calm and friendly, so customers can easily touch and pet them and feel like these birds are their own pets.

To see their cute face and behavior let us feel heal.

If you do not have an owl as pet, why don’t you visit and spend time with the bird?