Monday, August 31, 2015

Pork Buns, Kawaii Character Nikuman buns!!

When you visit any convenience stores in Japan, you will see lots of foods near the cashier. One of them are pork, beef, red bean paste or curry buns and they are people’s favorite all year around.
We call them“ Niku man” which niku means meat and man means buns and they are made from flour dough, filled with cooked ground meat or other.

These buns are steamed and often sold as street food originally from China, frequently sold and eaten in cold weather season but now all year around.

Many convenience stores have their unique products such as character buns and you will be surprised that they are not white!! They are sometimes blue, yellow and so on. They are soooo cute and you don’t want to eat them.

You will also find buns at any china towns in Yokohama or Kobe, Chinese restaurants and there are also microwave ready-to-eat buns package sold in supermarket.

When you are getting hungry and need some snacks, why don’t you go to convenience store to get one?!