Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Self shoe shelf with KEY at restaurants in Japan

When my friends from Roma, Italy visited Japan at very first time, I took them to Japanese style restaurant to taste some delicious Japanese foods.

I still remember that as soon as we entered that restaurant, they were surprised and amazed by the shoes shelf there. In some restaurants,you have to take off your shoes at the entrance and put in the individual shoes shelf and you can actually lock it with individual key. You have to take your key with you and it is safe and nobody mistakes of having someone’s shoes when they leave. My friends took pictures of this shoe shelf and keys and said “this is a shoe safety box!”

I haven’t thought about that is a shoe safety box but indeed it is! We, Japanese are used to take off our shoes anywhere and anytime. We forgot to appreciate how it functions very well.

When you have a chance to try those kind of shoe safety box, find your favorite numbers or letters of the box and put your favorite shoes in it!