Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kure Maritime Museum, the Yamato Museum in Hiroshima

The Yamato museum,Kure Maritime Museum is located Kure City,Hiroshima and established in 2005. It is called Yamato Museum since they display the large model ship YAMATO, a 1/10 scale model of the battleship, YAMATO.

Kure city’s history began in 1902 when Kure was incorporated after the formation of the Kure Naval Base in 1898. In 1903, the Kure Naval Dockyard was established where the technology of shipbuilding and steelmaking were dramatically advanced. The city proposed as Kure became the best naval port in the far east, and the biggest arsenal town in Japan. Many ships were build here and the most famous one is the battleship YAMATO.

This museum, you can learn not only the war but also the history of Kure city, the technological success of shipbuilding and the life style of the people in the Navy and those living in Kure during the war. If you are interested in more about battleship Yamato, you can watch a movie, “YAMATO” before visiting there!