Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sushi,Unagi & Tempura taste from Edo era in Asakusa

Asakusa, the very famous “must-visit” town in Tokyo has lots of delicious foods from Edo era, about 300 years ago. In this Asakusa area you will see historic old restaurants from over 100 years ago or more and you can taste the Edo period!

Sushi, Unagi and Tempura were the famous foods back in the Edo ear and you can enjoy all of them still now in Asakusa. Over 20 restaurants for Tempura are in Asakusa and 100 of other restaurants are located in this area. You will never get hungry when you are there. Because Asakusa is a touristic town, they provide menu in English or other languages or you can just point out the display foods outside of the restaurants to order it. They also have manufactures of these plastic replica foods for display walking distance from Asakusa called Kappa Bashi.

One of the most important and oldest temple in Tokyo, Sensoji and a main street with lots of small shops leads to the temple are waiting for you to visit Asakusa!