Sunday, August 30, 2015

Auntie Green, MIDORI No OBASAN the crossing guard

A crossing guard, a school crossing patrol officer, school crossing supervisor and sometimes guard or school road patrol and guard is a traffic management volunteer who is normally stationed on busy roadways to aid pedestrians. Often associated with elementary school children, crossing guards temporarily stop the flow of traffic so pedestrians may cross an intersection.

In Japan a crossing guards are called Gakudoyogoin or MIDORI No OBASAN, which means auntie green who usually wear green uniform and this system started in Tokyo in 1959. It was founded as a way to offer employment to widows after World War .

Most of the elementary school in Japan, children make a group who live close to each other and go to school together and elder kids take care of small kids to make sure they walk OK, they chat what is happening today at school and even teach small kids numbers and characters while walking to the school. They learn how to communicate with others and to greet and thank for Auntie Green to guard them every day.

Isn’t it a good system to protect children from any murders? You may bump into those kids walking as a group while you are traveling in Japan. Say hello to them and they will hello back to you!