Sunday, August 2, 2015

Praying for a partner at Yaegaki Shrine!

You may come across many temples and shrines when you travel in Japan. You may see people are praying for their family’s health, future, job and good marriage and so on.

There are many shrines or temples are for finding a good partner. When you travel west of Japan, you must visit Izumo Taisha and Yaegaki Shrine in Shimane.

Izumo Taisha is one of the most important and ancient shinto shrine in Japan. You probably see this in your guide book and Yaegaki Shrine which is located closed to this famous Izumo Taisha is the shrine dedicated to  marriage and matchmaking.

Many young people who is looking for a good partner and couples who are looking forward to their happy future come to this Yaegaki shrine and pray for it. The interesting thing here is they have a “mirror pond” where you can buy a paper and make it float, put your coin on that paper, let it sink and see the message on the paper. It is fun to do it but these message from shinto god is in Japanese, though.

You have lots of places to visit while you are in Japan! Don’t miss any interesting experiences!