Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kusatsu Onsen and Yumomi

Kusatsu Onsen is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan and it is located in Gumma prefecture. The springs were a well know resort for over centuries but they became on one of the best known of its health benefit.

In late 1800s, German Doctor of Tokyo University, Dr. Erwin votude  Baelz recommended to public that this hot springs have a power to heal the ill.

Kusatsu is situated at an altitude of 1200m above sea level in the mountains of Gumma and you can enjoy skiing in winter and hiking all other seasons with hot spring bating.

You can also enjoy watching traditional way of cooling down the temperature of hot spring water by stirring the water with large wooden paddle called YUMOMI in Kusatsu. The performances are held in the center of Kusatsu town named Yubatake, the hot water field a symbol of Kusatsu.

Enjoy the hot springs and foods from mountains!