Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Star by SKYTRAX, Tokyo International Airport, HANEDA

Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as “Haneda Airport” or “Tokyo Haneda Airport”, is one of the two primary airports that serve the greater Tokyo area and was selected as 5 Star Airport by SKYTRAX, UK.

When you arrive from overseas, you may land in Narita Internation Airport which is in Chiba prefecture and takes about 1 hour to central Tokyo by train. This Narita International airport has more international flight passengers while Haneda Airport which is located actually in Tokyo has more domestic flight passengers.

Haneda airport is welcomed  60th anniversary in 2015 and it’s grown and expanded for attracting more people. They created Edo style town with more than 40 restaurants and over 30 shops called “ Edo Komichi”where people can enjoy dining and shopping.
Many shops have “Haneda airport Limited Edition”things for confectionaries, souvenir and foods & drinks.

Even though you don’t need to fly out, just visit Haneda Airport to dine or shop!