Monday, December 5, 2016

Line up at right? Or at left?

Even though people live in a same country, there are some differences depending on where you live. 

Japan is a tiny island country, but you will see the differences like how we speak and how we act. 

We make lines to smooth movement as a rule. 

Lining up to get on an escalator is the one example of it. 

Which side do Japanese people stand on a escalator? 

Most people living in Japan get on a left side of an escalator to prevent from troubles. 

However, people living in Osaka get on a right side of an escalator. 


A reliable reason is they changed the rule when the World Expo was held in Osaka to fit the global standard. 

Osaka people are proud of the rule they have. 

Now, investigator warns that people should make 2 lines on escalator without walking. 

Walking on an escalator is quite dangerous. 

Well, what differences among people in your country have? 

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