Monday, December 12, 2016

Daruma Doll – Make a wish!!

Do you know Daruma dolls? 

"Daruma doll" is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll made of paper-mache. 

These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist.  

One of leading producers of Daruma dolls in Japan is Gunma Prefecture. 

Takasaki Daruma dolls are painted with symbols of longevity, cranes (eyebrows) and turtles (mustache), and are considered to bring good luck. 

This is because the left eye is painted while making a wish, and the right eye is painted when the wish is granted. 

The doll is returned to a shrine at the end of a year, and a new doll is purchased at the beginning of a New Year, and a new wish is made. 

It will be a great item as a Japanese souvenir. 

Why don’t you get one for your family or your friends? 


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