Thursday, August 25, 2016

Would you like to taste “KINDAI MAGURO”?

Tuna is necessary on Japanese dining because of its abundant nourishment such as EPA, DHA, vitamin, taurine, and protein.

We often eat the fish as “Sashimi”; row fish, and “Sushi”.

Almost 80% of consumption of Bluefin tuna is made by Japanese people.

However, resource decline of tuna including Bluefin tuna has been a critical problem lately.

Based on increasing overall consumption of China (because of economic development), and Western countries (due to growing health trend), Japan is very difficult from importing tuna.

To save the situation, Kindai University started aquafarming of Bluefin tuna from 1970.

Now, aquafarming of Bluefin tuna by Kindai University called “Kindai Maguro” is very famous in Japan.

Through an era of hardships and researches of 32 years, they have succeeded the complete aquafarming of the fish.

From 2014, Kindai Maguro was shipped to the market at the first time.

Now there are only 2 restaurants, in Osaka, and Tokyo, to be able to enjoy its taste.

The dish comes with certification to show as the fish graduated from aquaculture course of Kindai University.

People say they cannot tell the difference between “wild tuna” and “aquafarming tuna”.

Well, what do you think; would you like to eat this famous “Kindai Magugo”?