Thursday, August 4, 2016

High Quality Senshu Towel

If you hear “the excellent towel made in Japan”, what brand towel comes up to your mind?

Is it “Imabari Towel”?

Yes, Imabari towel is very famous as a high quality towel.

Well, do you know any other towels?

I recommend you to use “Senshu towel”.

Senshu towel is made in Senshu area; the southern part of Osaka, where is famous for its textile industry and believed as the birthplace of Japanese towel.

Senshu towel accounts for about 47% of the national towel production.

The product has about 130 years’ history and well-known its distinctive contexture called “Atosarashi”.

Atosarashi is the process that the towel is bleached and washed away glue and wax to make it clean after weaving.

Thanks to the process, it feels nice and soft in its textures, and has high absorbent and breathability.

You do not have to hesitate to use its bland new towel without washing!!

So, any reasons to stop you using the product?

Try the towel and feel the luxury articles!!