Monday, August 8, 2016

Let’s go to Bon Dance Festival!!

Have you ever joined the Bon Dance Festival?

If so, do you know the reason why Japanese people hold the festival?

Well, people seem to enjoy the festival so much, but few people in Japan also know the meaning.

Why they hold the Bon Dance Festival every summer?

Bon dance Festival is held during Obon holiday (from August 13 to 15); which is the period showing a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of their ancestors.

This custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday in the Western countries.

Bon Dance Festival is held in many places; like in shrines and temples as well as in parks and people dance around a high wooden stage called “Yagura”.

Each region holds the event for 2 – 3 days and has a local dance as well as different music; such as Tokyo Ondo (Tokyo), Tanko Bushi (Fukuoka), and Soranbushi (Hokkaido). 

The festival was used to be held as a religious event to welcome and hold a memorial service for their ancestors.

However, the festival of Obon now becomes one of the common summer festivals apart from religious meaning; which means more people can enjoy the event.

By the way, do you know playing the obon dance help you lose weighs?

It develops inner muscles to keep dancing with kneeling position.

If you are interested in, why don’t you visit and enjoy the event in this summer?