Thursday, August 18, 2016

Casual Japanese Garment - Yukata

Would you like to wear a Japanese traditional garment while you are in Japan?

Do you think it is Kimono?

Well, the kimono is the very famous as a Japanese traditional garment, but a bit too formal.

If you would like to wear it more easily and casually, why don’t you try “Yukata” instead.

The yukata is a casual version of the kimono.

It has been spread as a bathrobe like in the Western countries.

Therefore, people only wore the robe in their room or outside near their houses.

Due to the history, you will see many people wearing the robe in onsen towns.

A number of accommodations provide yukata to the people using its onsen to wear after bathing.

Recently, the yukata has also become a way of dressing for summer festivals; such as Bon Dance Festivals and Fireworks Festivals.

So many colorful and stylish designs made by famous fashion designer on the garment are increased even though white and dark blue are typical colors for the traditional yukata.

The design of Kimono was considered more gorgeous than that of yukata, but now few differences between two garments can be found.

Yukata is available for rent in some tourist destinations, and also is sold at cheap price.

Would like to get one of them to feel traditional Japanese style?