Thursday, August 11, 2016

Japanese Budo - Karate

Do you know what is Karate?

Karate is one of the martial arts in Japan; which is intended to protect oneself from enemies by kicking, punching, and hitting with respect good manners and courtesies. 

It is believed that the ancient martial art in Okinawa has been developed under the influence of the Chinese Kempo.

“Karate” is the Budo to defeat others, but it is currently famous as a sport.

This Japanese famous Budo is divided into 2 major schools; Dentoha Karate and Full-contact Karate.

What is a difference between these 2 schools?

Well, you can find the difference at its tournament matches.

In a tournament, people compete in 2 categolies; a predetermined form known as “Kata” and a simulation of real fighting known as “Kumite”

On the Kumite matches, Dentoha Karate needs to follow the rule; with now contact others, called “Sundome” even though Full-contact Karate is able to use direct attack just like fighting sports

Now, 187 countries are joined World Karate Federation and over 60 million people including women and kids learn this Budo in the world.

Karate is said to be adopted as an official sport on the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Karate looks very easy to do it, but actually it is not.

You need to use all parts of your body and keep in a proper position with speed.  

Therefore, it is very good exercise to keep your shape.

Would you like to try to practice this Budo?