Monday, August 29, 2016

The World of “IWAKO’s Omoshiro Keshigomu”

How do you use an eraser?

To erase what you write in pencils like words and lines?

If so, I agree with your answer.

However, here in Japan, there are also many erasers shaped a variety of things; such as characters, cars, trains, and foods.

Most of Japanese people showed interest in its cute shape and enjoyed collecting those erasers when they were young even though it is hard to say the goods are superior in erasing quality.

The most famous company for this product is “IWAKO”.

They have produced these goods for about 50 years in an earth-conscious environment.

It is possible for you to find its products at retail stores and even in vending machines of capsule toys.

These erasers are sold at a low price, so I recommend you to get one as a souvenir for you and your friends.

Your friends must be delighted at your presents.

It might be difficult to decide which “Omoshiro Keshigomu” is fit on your taste, but you definitely can enjoy the goods both as an eraser and a figurine.