Monday, August 1, 2016

Why don’t you visit Yokohama Chinatown?

Do you know there is a place that is possible to enjoy delicious foods and distinctive atmosphere of China in Japan?

It is the Yokohama Chinatown; one of the biggest Chinatown in the world, located in central Yokohama.

There are more than 600 restaurants and shops in only a 2,500 square meter area with narrow streets; therefore, you can choose the place you would like to be in.

The most popular foods there are steamed buns, ramen noodles and dim sum.

You also can experience many events and festivals; such as Chinese New Year at the beginning of February.

Yokohama Chinatown has about 150 years’ history; developed right after the port of Yokohama had been one of the first Japanese ports to be opened to foreign trade in 1859.

The architectures in Chinatown are very colorful, so you can feel like you are in a completely different world.

To provide such a different atmosphere in the screen, many TV dramas have been shooting in this area.

You may see some famous actors/actresses in this place!

If you come to Japan and would like to feel different culture, visiting Chinatown in Yokohama is the best place for you to be satisfied.