Monday, August 15, 2016

Comfortable shopping with Vending Machines

Is it troublesome to look for shops or convenience stores to buy a small amount of stuffs like snacks and juices?

If so, I will recommend you to look for vending machines.

Vending machine is a machine to provide goods and services with payment of certain amount of money.

It is available for people to get whatever they want anytime.

Currently, more than 5 million of the machines have been installed in Japan most of the people in this country must use them so often.

The history of vending machines in Japan started with the one for selling cards and stamps with a function of mailbox about 120 years ago, but the machines became widespread around the country because a US major beverage company used them to sell their products.

Now, many kinds of goods and services are provided with vending machines.

The examples are juices, foods, snacks, tokens, newspapers, cigarettes, PC software, SIM cards, and cellphones.

The most unique one is a so-called automated convenience store to provide many items.

There are some benefits on both distributors and consumers; a store is able to cut down the expenses as they do not need to hire anyone and customers do not have to wait in a line.

Basically, you can purchase goods from the machine by inserting coins; however, some of the goods, such as cigarettes, need to have a special identification.

Do you think buying goods from vending machines is comfortable?