Monday, August 22, 2016


Many “Danjiri” festivals take place in the western part of Japan; brave and splendid festivals.

In particular, “Kishiwada Danjiri Festival” is the most famous fest held in Kishiwada city in Osaka on September 14 and 15 every year.

The festival is loved by all of the citizens as a symbol of each town.

It is very important event for people who were born and grew in the city, so most of them come back to their hometown to celebrate the festival even though they are now working far away from the city.

Well, what is “Kishiwada Danjiri Festival”?

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is also known as “Fighting Festival”.

Its history started about 300 years ago created by the Lord of Kishiwada Castl to pray for an abundant harvest.

Each of 34 towns of the city has its own Danjiri float and participates in the festival every year.

To make it successfully, all of the townspeople work in complete solidarity.

About 100 townspeople wearing its special uniform, such as “Happi” and “Jikatabi”, pull the rope to make Danjiri floats weighed more than 4t move and run around the city.

Women and girls are also permitted to pull Danjiri floats but not permitted to ride on them.

The highlight of the festival is called “Yarimawashi”, turning Danjiri round quickly at each street corner at right angle.

Done quickly to the beat of drums, the sound of Japanese traditional transverse flute “Shinobue,” and shouts of the pulling team looks very dramatic and dynamic.

The festival is getting famous in Japan; more than 600 thousands people comes to see the festival every year.

The festival not only is an exciting one but also tells us the rule of the city in the good old day; the importance of strong relationship between people/cities, how the organization should be, and the value of respect toward seniority.

Does this story encourage you to see the festival?