Monday, May 30, 2016

Challenge the gluttony of the Soba!

Do you know the “Wanko-soba”?

The “Wanko-soba” is one of the soba coming to Iwate (Hanamaki city, Morioka city).

The soba that is dipped into hot soup is put into the wooden bowl of the visitor by the mouthful size.

After eating it, a waitperson continues putting the soba in the wooden bowl in sequence until a visitor becomes full and puts a wooden bowl upside down

This is the basic style of “Wanko soba”.

The spices are prepared; such as a leek and laver, the dried bonito, besides, a tuna and grated yam, and others are various by a shop.

There are some opinions of the origin of the “Wanko soba”.

One of the opinions is to provide soba only by a mouthful in a wooden bowl of the lacquerware with mountain seafood to a feudal lord fearfully for trial approximately 400 years ago.

He said “it is delicious” and substituted the soba many times..

Not only “Wanko soba” is eaten in a shop, but also there is the “Wanko-soba championship”, too, and gluttonous participants compete to eat the “Wanko-soba”.

When you visit to Japan and have a chance to participate, please try how many cups you can eat!