Monday, May 16, 2016

Takoyaki of Osaka is extreme popularity!

Do you know the “Takoyaki”?

The takoyaki is a food that an octopus is put in wheat flour dough and it is baked in a sphere approximately 3-5cm in diameter and it is the Osaka origin.

The takoyaki seems to be considered by Mr. Tomekichi Endo of Nishinari-ku "Aizuya".

Mr. Endo had made other related food that beef of soy sauce taste is put as meat firing and changed to put from beef to an octopus and a chicken egg in 1935 and he named it “Takoyaki”..

A sauce for pork cutler was developed in 1949 and then, it has been used for a
"Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki”.

However, there have been shops to sell “Takoyaki” that are used for the soy sauce and the source of soup stock in Osaka yet.

At the mid-1960s, the sale with the stand begins in the Kanto district and is developed nationwide in Japan now.

It is extreme popularity for people who came from the foreign countries visiting Osaka now.