Monday, May 23, 2016

Do you know the school meal?

At most public elementary schools and junior high schools of Japan, lunch is given as the school meal by each school called as “Kyuushoku”.

As for the school meal, it is said to be an opening for children of the needy family in a private “Chuuai” elementary school of Tsuruokamachi, Yamagata (existing Tsuruoka-shi) in 1889 to have provided the meals such as a rice ball, the grilled fish and others.

After the war, the school meal is given for the purpose of the supplementation of the children.

The school meal seemed to be stopped by aggravation of the food situation, but the school meal was restarted to supply from 1950s.

And then, the educational role of the school meal is accepted by the mental and physical healthy development of children and is carried out as part of an instructional activity and plays a role as   teaching materials of the meal education.

Currently, rice-meals, an unfamiliar menu, or agricultural and livestock products produced in the area is introduced to know the importance of the agriculture for a school meal.

I just heard that there is the restaurant which could experience a school meal in Tokyo.

It may be interesting to visit if you try to eat the school meal in Japan.