Thursday, May 12, 2016

Smile Ball

Have you ever heard “Smile Ball” in Japan?

The onion "smile ball" which did not exit of the tears which HOUSE FOODS developed was released.

A tear-free onion (the onion which is not one of tears) is the onion which was provided by controlling the genetic expression of enzyme to prepare the lacrymator of the onion into.

The development of the new onion started on the 1990s.

Study teams of HOUSE FOODS announced a production result and the results of research as the crops in March, 2015 and the sale of onions begins.

Because there are fundamentally few sharp taste ingredients (ingredient causing tears), the onion has characteristic such as tear-free and few smell, and it is not necessary to expose to the water when cutting..

The sale was started in the end of October, 2015, too.

The concept is "It wants to be the onion which can create new how to eat and cook with a customer and that all customers become the smile by not shedding tears."

I want to try cutting and eating this onion.