Monday, May 9, 2016

Tokyo Hot Spring in Ohtemachi!

The news that a hot spring sprang out in Otemachi of the right in the middle of Tokyo became the topic and the news was very surprised.

To find the hot spring, the latest excavator was used for Otemachi hot spring digging construction, and, in space of 8m times 25m for digging, approximately 1,500m depth was dug.

And then, the source of the hot spring was found for about three months.

In case of the hot spring of Tokyo, there seemed to be black and the amber source of the hot spring, and the black source appeared from the relatively shallow place, and a plant

Long time passes, and the thing which corroded became the black source.

And the amber source seems to appear when it is dug deeply, and it is said that seawater shut in underground is matured and become the fossil seawater as amber.

Because a digging technology progressed in the Otemachi hot spring, the amber source seemed to spring out by digging deeply.

A hot spring may become able to enjoy willingly from now on in the center of Tokyo.