Monday, May 2, 2016

An entrance ceremony and initiation ceremony in Japan

It is the season of parting and the encounter in spring.

In Japan, an entrance ceremony and the initiation ceremony are held at the beginning of April that is an opening of the year (the fiscal year) .

Therefore it is said to be the season of the encounter that is new in April and is a parting season in March when a graduation ceremony is held.

The entrance ceremony means to be allowed entering the school and to celebrate the entrance.

Teachers and persons in charge of school prepare to meet new students in each school and celebrate the entrance to school of the new students.

The 1900s begins, and it seems to be after that entrance ceremonies spread.

In addition, an initiation ceremony for new employee is held in many companies in April.

In April, a new pupil with new school satchel or new uniform, and new employee with new suit shine  shiningly with new hope.

How many new friends can they have?