Thursday, May 19, 2016

May is the season of the azalea

From April through May, an azalea blooms in Japan.

It is very beautiful and it can be found anywhere in Japan.

As one of the beautiful and famous spot of azalea in Kanto, there is the park called "Tsutsujigaoka park” in Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma.

There is the gregariousness of the azalea where it is said Japan’s most or World’s most by researcher.

In the neighborhood of park whole area, moutain azalea grew wild from old times.

Approximately 10,000 azaleas are planted in the park now and it was appointed in the natural beauty spot of the country on December 28, 1934.

In addition, there is a temple known as a temple of the thing lucky tea pot called “Morinn-ji” in this Tatebayashi-shi.

The figure of the raccoon dog which walks on a tightrope by appearing a face, hands and feet from the teakettle is known widely.

There are many figures of the raccoon dog in the temple.

It is a good area for spring short trip.