Thursday, May 5, 2016

Do you know “Kamameshi” ?

“Kamameshi” is the boiled pot rice (pot meal) that adds seasonings such as soy sauce, the sweet sake to rice and puts ingredients such as a shiitake, the chicken on the top and is the boiled rice dish which is cooked with a pot for the one.

This is not served to a rice bowl from a pot, and it is given as a pot by a dining table.

It is said that “kamameshi Haru” at Asakusa in Tokyo developed a pot for one and “Kamameshi” based on the dish which offered distribution of boiled rice carried out after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 at Ueno to a visitor.

“Kamameshi” is got close to as a station lunch and the station lunch at Yokokawa station of Shinetsu Line is very famous “Kamameshi”.

How to make “Kamameshi”; 1. To put polished rice and an ingredient in a pot. 2. To add soy sauce, liquor, sweet sake, kombu to water and fix the taste. 3. To cook it until soup stock boils over a high heat (around five minutes). 4. To make a low temperature. 5. If moisture disappears, to close a cover completely and steam it for approximately 15 minutes from ten minutes. 6. The completion.

The rice which is cooked with a pot for “Kamameshi” is very delicious.