Thursday, June 2, 2016

A bonsai and bonsai Museum

Do you know a bonsai?

The bonsai puts the trees and plants on a bowl (bonsai bowl, tray device), and the whole way of branch, leaf figure, skin, root of the trunk, bowl or figure are appreciated and the characteristic is to mold it in imitation of scenery of nature.

It is taken long time to take care of the bonsai by fertilization, the pruning, wiring and watering, but it is very popular because it is live plants, there is not a thing called "completion", and it is attractive one that always change.

The bonsai is also very popular with overseas people now.

By the way, the first public "Bonsai museum called Oomiya Bonsai Art Museum" in the world is established in Oomiya city, Saitama now.

The museum has the perfect works of the bonsai which assumed collection of “Old Takagi Bonsai Museum”, the tray device which is the flowerpot for the bonsai and various history and folk documents related to bonsai.

It is a recommended place for a person wanting to know the bonsai.