Thursday, April 28, 2016

Japanese masking tape is hot!

Do you know the masking tape?

It is adhesive tape for the protection to prevent their protruding in the case of the painting as for the masking tape and from polluting it any place other than a work point.

Generally, the tape is used for the painting and ceiling coking, but seem to be used for plating, the etching of the printed circuit board, identification, protection of the material.

The masking tape seemed to be invented by Richard Drew who was an employee of 3M, but, in Japan, adhesive tape industry Co., Ltd. in Japan (existing Teraoka Seisakusho) seemed to start production of the masking tape made of Japanese paper as gunpowder packing use for the painting in 1938.

After this, masking tape made of Japanese paper came to be used in the world.

Recently, the masking tape of the pretty color is put on sale, and the masking tape will be arrested as "miscellaneous goods" again and is the popularity that is explosive among stationery lovers now.

The masking tape is used for wrapping, decorating the smart phone or other goods.

Therefore, it seems to be to the souvenirs with popularity for visitors from the foreign countries.