Friday, April 24, 2015

We love pancakes !

Pan cakes are amazingly popular among ladies in Japan. A lot of pan cake cafes newly opened or overseas pan cake restaurants came into Japan recently. Also, some restaurants and cafes added pancakes on their menu. If you search on internet, you may find a lot of recipes or techniques for various kinds of pancakes.

Pancakes are often featured in TV programs or articles in magazines, so if you go to a popular pancake café covered in media, you may see an incredible long waiting line!
Sometimes you have to wait in the line for 1 or 2 hours.
I wonder why pan cakes are extremely popular like this in Japan….Maybe, ladies are attracted by pan cakes because these pan cakes look pretty as ladies take pictures before eating, and taste may not be a big deal for them….

A famous family-style restaurant called “Denny's” recently started to offer a menu
of all-you-can-eat Pan cake!!!!