Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Do you know what “Furikake” is? It is a dried condiment to sprinkle over rice.   It is said that Furikake was developed with the purpose of creating nutritious and tasty foods from the Taisho era through the early Showa era.
When Japanese people were struggling with lack of calcium, a pharmacist in Kumamoto prefecture came up with the idea of milling fish bones and sprinkling it over rice. This first Furikake is called “Gohan no Tomo” (a friend of rice in English).

Furikake makes it easier especially for children or elderly people to eat rice
because of its delicious taste !
In these days, there are a wide variety of Furikake such as soft-type Furikake,
Furikake for Ochazuke (Rice with tea), and Furikake for kids or spicy Furikake for adult.

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