Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Do you know what is “POCARI SWEAT”?

You may think this name sounds a bit weird, but it is a health drink! This health drink “POCARI SWEAT” was introduced in Japan in 1980 and the concept of this drink is “drinkable drip”. It is developed based on an aqueous solution of salt that is used for medical use, so includes sodium, glucose, sugar and carbohydrate substance.
POCARI SWEAT is a drink to replenish fluid losses from sweating and ion, so Japanese people drink POCARI SWEAT after playing sports, taking a bath, waking up in the morning etc and Japanese people often drink POCARI SWEAT when they catch a cold. Also, POCARI SWEAT is often offered at a hospital and care facility.
This drink is today enjoyed in outside of Japan as well such as in Korea, China and Thailand etc.         If you have never tried this drink, just give it a try!!!!

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