Saturday, April 11, 2015


NOREN is a curtain which is hung over the entrance of Japanese stores, restaurants
and houses. Sometimes logs or names of shops or restaurants are printed on Norens and
these Norens are hang during their business hour and put away when they close their shops or restaurants.

Some people hang these Norens at home as well. It is used to keep out the cold, so thick
and dark colored cloth can be popular in the winter time, and weaved bamboo Norens which look cool or thin or light colored cloth can be preferred in the summer time.
Some people change Norens depending on the seasons.

Haven’t you seen a Noren printed “女湯 or 男湯” at the entrance of dressing room when you go to a hot spring? This Noren is hang to divide into sections for women and men so,
you can easily see which one you should go !