Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A sweet potato roasted on hot pebbles.

“Ishi-Yakiimo”, which means a sweet potato roasted on hot pebbles.
These sweet potatoes are buried in the pebbles and heated up slowly.
By adding heat indirectly and slowly, these sweet potatoes get sweeter
and more tasty! Especially in the winter time, it is very popular to eat these sweet potatoes.

Have you seen a mobile selling car of sweet potatoes? A seller calls out
“Ishi-Yakiimo” over a speaker to attract people, and let neighbors know that he is close to them. Then, you can buy sweet potatoes hot and fresh from oven!

In these days, you can buy a cooking device for home-made “Ishi-Yakiimo”, so you can cook and enjoy “Ishi-Yakiimo” at home!!!

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