Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Breakfast special

In the morning, some coffee shops or restaurants offer “breakfast special” in Japan.              
If you order a cup of coffee or some other drink, you get breakfast for free of charge.            
This breakfast consists of toast, a hardboiled egg, a salad in general.                      
Served breakfast and breakfast hours differ by coffee shops or restaurants.                                    
Most coffee shops offer this breakfast special from early morning to lunch time.
Nagoya area is famous for breakfast special. Served volume and variety are beyond other areas.
Since there are a lot of coffee shops, its competition is very keen.                       Sometimes they offer all-you-can eat buffet for free of charge or a cheap price if you order any kind of drink. Some coffee shops offer curry, Udon and pasta for breakfast special! There is a coffee shop that offers breakfast special throughout the day in Nagoya.

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