Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to name a baby in Japan

Do you know that most Japanese names have a meaning?
This is why, it takes a lot of times and effort for parents to think about a baby name.
You will find a large number of books about how to name a baby if you go to a book store here in Japan.

In general, Japanese names are written in Kanji. As you may know, there are approximately fifty thousands of Kanji characters and each Kanji character has a different meaning.
Moreover, Most Japanese names are composed of two or three Kanji characters!

Some parents care about the number of strokes in Kanji characters. It is said that some number of strokes will bring good fortune and other may bring bad fortune.
In the past, parents went to see a name specialist to consult a baby name, but in recent years,
you can check if the number of strokes of yours or your baby’s Kanji is good or bad on internet for free!