Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Diet situation in Japan

A number of Japanese people care about their weights. It is said that Japanese are tiny and skinny, but still they have desires to be slimmer.

A diet boom in Japan has started in the era of high economic growth.
There is a theory that Japanese people are naturally slim because of their living and healthy eating habits, but some say Japanese people are obsessed with dieting compared to people from other nations.

There are a great number of diet methods which change quickly from year to year.
For example, the method of banana diet was broadcasted on TV one day and it started to get extremely popular, but faded away when another diet method was introduced.

People are always attracted to new things, so search for other diet methods.
Here are other diet methods which were popular:
Tomato diet, apple diet, acupuncture point diet of the ears, taping diet etc…
It may be surprising to you, but trying these diet methods are more popular

than working out in the gym here in Japan ! 

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  1. I'm the opposite, I love going to the gym and working out or running outside, but find it very hard to diet or reduce my eating portion (笑)