Monday, November 28, 2016

What can you get from “Gashapon”?

You might see some vending machine-dispensed capsule toys everywhere; like at train stations, supermarkets, and amusement parks when you come to Japan. 

Do you know what they are? 

It is called "Gashapon" or "Gashapon". 

It is very popular here in Japan. 

Gashapon describe both the machines themselves and the toys obtained from the machines. 

The cost is from JPY100 - JPY500, and the toy in the capsule is normally higher quality for the price. 

So many types of toys including popular character like Kamen Rider, Dragon Ball, and Godzilla series, are in those small capsules. 

Also, so call "Otaku" goods are obtained from the capsules. 

Because commodities for all generations from kids to adults are in capsules, gashapon has become a big hit product in this country. 

Well, which gashapon would you like to try? 

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