Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Japanese spirit of hospitality - Omotenashi

Of all the memories they take home with them, visitors to Japan will be surprised and appreciate the ‘Japanese way of hospitality and customer service’ -- Omotenashi in Japanese.

Translated simply, Omotenashi means the Japanese way of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect. The concept is all encompassing.

Etymologically, Omotenashi is a hybrid of “omote” (surface) and “nashi” (less), concepts that translate together into “single-hearted.” From the perspective of a host, this is the rendering of service without expectation of favor or reward. It is different from American restaurants rendering of service for tips.

We do not have a custom of tips. We render service without expecting any rewords.

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