Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3rd is the girls’ festival.

March 3rd is the girls’ festival called “Hinamatsuri” and it is an annual function to pray for the healthy growth of the girl at the Doll's Festival.

Dolls and peach blossom are displayed and the birth and the growth of the girl is celebrated by eating and drinking such as sacred white sake or sushi .

It does not seem to become clear, but there seems to be the record that has been already performed as "every elegant doll’s play" of the children of the peace noble in Kyoto of the Heian era historically when "the Doll's Festival" began at.

In Makabe town of Ibaraki, much Dolls are displayed in a house or the shop of the downtown for one month.

The Dolls' Festival to come is decorated from generation to generation in approximately more than 300 houses or warehouses and cityscape of Makabe where the gates link the eaves and historical building.

Spring Makabe town overflows in good old warmth.

Do you not make Dolls' Festival circulation while mentioning a heart of the Japanese hospitality?