Monday, March 21, 2016

Frozen Waterfall!

There was the news that a waterfall of Fukuroda became frozen the other day.

A waterfall of Fukuroda is a waterfall in Daigo-machi, Ibaraki and is the Takikawa upper reaches of the Kuji River branch and it is 120m in length, 73m in width.

It is famous that a waterfall called "icefall" freezes in severe winter.

The waterfall is appointed in the natural beauty spot of Japan and may be cited in one of three famous waterfall in   Japan such as Kegon Waterfall and Nachi waterfall and is chosen to 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls.

It is called "a waterfall of 4 times", because Buddhist Saigyou visited this ground in the old days and he praised it highly saying "this waterfall cannot taste the true character if I do not come once in the four seasons".

The whole waterfall freezes up in pure white in the winter when cold is severe and it is called as “Icefall” for the mysterious scenery.

It became "complete freeze" after an interval of six years in 2012, and it seemed that the ice climber who challenged to climb an iceberg visited there..

If possible, “Complete icefall” should be able to be seen.