Monday, February 29, 2016

Japanese Valentine Day and White Day!

On Valentine's Day, it is said to be the day of the oath of the love of the man and woman, but, in Japan, hand chocolate to a man from a woman on (February 14) on Valentine's Day.

And on White Day, a man hands cookies and other sweets to a woman in return (March 14).

In the United States, it is said that a man gives a present to a woman on Valentine’s Day.

Poetry and the literature that parody a day and lovers of St. Valentine after the 14th to the 15th century with Valentine's Day, and were created are popular and seem to be after.

The custom of Japanese Valentine’s Day has various opinions, but it is said that it was a strategy of a cake maker proposed, advertising it.

There are various types of chocolate gifts such as justice chocolate to give to colleagues or the upper management persons for justice, friend chocolate to give to a girlfriend, the chocolate of the reward to oneself.

In addition, White day on March 14 is the day of the gift in return of Valentine's Day.

Persons who received chocolates at the Valentine’s Day return a cookie and a marshmallow, candy or others for revenge at the White Day.

A lot of men give back double at the White Day.

Therefore, it looks the day when it is a pleasure for women.