Thursday, March 10, 2016

Oden is delicious in cold winter!

Do you know the Japanese famous food, oden?

“The oden (Japanese hotchpotch)” is one of the food served in a pot with kind of the food boiled and seasoned dish among Japanese food.

It is the dish which a Japanese radish, a tubular fish meat, konjac, a boiled egg, and various oden seeds are put in the soup which seasoned soup stock with soy sauce and stewed.

“The oden” seeds and the taste are different among an area and home.

Originally “the oden" is court-lady language to mean “Dengaku”.

There was "the stew dengaku" that boiled a kind other than "the fried dengaku" that dengaku or the miso dengaku skewered a kind with the dish which appeared in the Muromachi era and baked.

It was the Edo era, and "the oden" came to point at "stew dengaku", and "the dengaku" seemed to come to point at "fried dengaku".

“The oden” is treated not only on a stand, a specialty store, a mini supermarket, but also the menu of the relatively excellent Japanese restaurant widely.

It is famous Japanese food in winter and it tastes good.